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Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA) was formed in 1961.
Successfully completed 50 glorious years of providing affordable quality medicines, not only to our people, but people all over the world.
Membership of about 750 wholly-Indian large, medium and small companies and State Boards in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh & Uttaranchal, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
Turnover of Indian pharma industry has grown exponentially from Rs.10 crore (about US$ 2 million) in 1948 to about Rs. 1,00,000 crore (US $ 21 billion) today, a growth rate of over 15%.
Members' Indian Market share – about 75% in formulations and about 85% in bulk drugs.
Exports of about Rs. 50,000 crore (over US $ 10 billion) last year growing at 22% average.
Members' Export Record – about 65% of India's total drugs & pharma exports.
MoUs signed with China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CPIA) and Korea Pharmaceutical Industry Association (KPMA).
There are over 170 US FDA approved manufacturing facilities, over 150 EDQM approved facilities and many more are certified by regulatory authorities of UK-MCA, Australia, South Africa, WHO-GMP etc.
India is ranked 3rd largest country in terms of production volume and 14th in terms of value with 10% of World's Production but only 1.5% of Value.
The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry employs over 4.2 million personnel, both in manufacturing and ancillary sectors.
IDMA has been in the forefront actively supporting Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is compiling and bringing out the Indian Pharmacopoeia for many years and also continues its whole-hearted support to the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) in its activities.
IDMA has been successfully organizing Pharmaceutical Analysts Convention (PAC) for many years with the active participation of the Regulatory Authorities, both Central and States.

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