What to expect from a top pharmaceutical exhibition experience


Clearly, there are many benefits of attending pharmaceutical trade shows, whether you are a manufacturer, salesperson, or any other type of pharmaceutical professional.

But before you set off on one of these thrilling and enriching conferences, here are some trade show best practices to get you off on the right foot:

Know What To Expect- Just for good measure, be sure to check that trade show’s website for specific expectations.

Prepare a Schedule – Many conferences and trade shows will have interactive agenda planners on their websites that you can use to curate the ideal trade show experience for you.

Familiarise Yourself with Booths and Speakers – Trade shows will invariably contain a list of all booths, speakers, and workshops that you should certainly get acquainted with. Make a list of your top choices so you can take full advantage of the learning and networking opportunities available.

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The lovely thing about Exhibition shows is that, if you are there to sell a product, all of the prospecting leg work is done for you. Most of your potential customers and buyers will be there, just waiting to have their attention grabbed. All you have to do is take the advice laid out in the item and see the conversations blossom.

The trade show generates an electric and action-packed atmosphere perfect for sales—try to capitalize on this mood by closing the deal right then and there. Design your trade show booth around your flagship products and services while highlighting their benefits to your target customer. If a deal doesn’t close right away, set up appointments for after the event to continue business discussions. The act of being at a trade show is already a win.

Get access to the world’s fastest-growing pharma market & develop your market share in the region. Network with the key stakeholders and major players within the highly specialized pharmaceutical industry from upstream to downstream.

With some free time, walk around the venue to check out what the successful booths are doing to attract visitors. Even more useful: check out what the empty booths are doing. If people aren’t stopping by yours (should you have one), try to observe what your booths have in common. This simple strategy will teach you what pushes customers away and how you can avoid those same mistakes.

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